Make It Worse

#MoodBeLike You hit a Sh*tty motel in Hollywood, stuck with no money and no place else to go. You’d rather spend the remaining time drowning in your problems cause you just don’t have the energy to fight from rock bottom.
— CharlesInCharge

These are those times when all you feel like you can do is #MakeItWorse ...
So, for the moment, you accept it as reality and live in that space. #Depression is a sickness that many of us have faced for different reasons. While this video is current, the emotions displayed are not.  This is a period I overcame with lots of help. Shooting this story was an amazing process. I was committed to delivering every second of it in the same way I lived it.

Building the courage to share this took some time. I hope others will understand what is on the other side of this if they can continue to fight through it.

#Unprecedented - #AvailableEverywhere

If my life had a soundtrack, this would be it..




It's 3:29am, and I am in the middle of Shinjuku Tokyo, Japan trying to figure out my next move…

Funny thing how life works, you spend most of it selfishly working on some unanimous goal, and the rest of it trying to figure out what you are going to do next after you get there. At least that’s what I had been doing before I hit the wall.